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Also Do Amazon, Why Don't Other Sellers Have Bad Reviews?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 25, 2018

It is believed that every amazon seller has been anxious after receiving bad reviews. A well-built Listing finally shows improvement after several months or even longer, and suddenly a bad review sales volume will decline, which is a headache for many amazon sellers.

Low or poor scores not only affect consumers' purchases, but also have many adverse effects on sellers:

(1) reduce the chance of winning the gold shopping cart (Buy Box)

The gold shopping cart, located at the top right of the single item page, is the most convenient place for buyers to see when shopping.This means that winning a gold shopping cart gives maximum visibility to the seller's merchandise, while amazon has multiple sellers that can sell the same product, so it is often necessary to compete with the gold shopping cart.Amazon selects sellers who receive gold shopping carts based on the customer experience they provide, so seller ratings are crucial.

According to amazon's rating system, an amazon seller with negative feedback has little chance of winning the gold cart, and its ability to attract buyers will be greatly compromised.

(2) negative feedback may cause amazon to cancel sales authorization

The Order Defect Rate (ODR) is an indicator that amazon measures the health of sellers' accounts.Order defect rate = 1 or 2 stars of bad order quantity (for a certain period)/total order quantity (for a certain period) *100% in the account.Under amazon's rules, sellers with an order defect rate of more than 1 percent will lose their right to sell.

(3) the review will also hurt the seller's sales

Any 3 - star or lower - star customer feedback will damage the seller's image.Because amazon doesn't just measure average star ratings for sellers, it also counts the percentage of good reviews that sellers have received in the past 12 months.Amazon only includes 4 and 5 star reviews in the favorable rating scale, which means 3 star reviews are included in the negative rating scale.

Faced with the negative impact of poor reviews, many sellers are anxious and anxious. How to deal with the negative reviews so as to restore sales?

First, comprehensive analysis was carried out on the bad review, including the content of the bad review, the customer's order, leave a evaluate customer address information and history to keep records, and so on, through these analysis, can probably know customer dissatisfaction with the product is due to product quality and customer service is not good, still belongs to rival digging holes left by malicious bad review.

Based on the analysis of the negative evaluation, contact the customer to solve the problems mentioned in the evaluation.Find out why the seller left the negative review and politely ask them to remove the negative review.

At this stage, there are a few things that sellers need to take note of:

(1) pay attention to the time of buyer evaluation.After the buyer gives evaluation, there is a 60-day period for removal evaluation.If you delay reaching a buyer, you may miss the removable deadline.

(2) apologize for any inconvenience caused to the buyer, express your apology clearly to the buyer, and actively solve the problem of the buyer.

(3) be careful not to try to remove bad reviews by offering refunds to buyers, which is a clear violation of amazon's rules and could result in your seller's account being suspended.Amazon wants sellers to take the time to fix the problem and not settle for a refund.

(4) do not request to delete immediately after the buyer publishes a negative review.First, you should convey to the buyer your apology and sincerity in solving the problem.If you immediately ask for the bad review to be removed, you will only give the impression to the buyer that you are merely trying to remove the bad review, not really trying to solve the problem.In this case, buyers will not be willing to delete bad reviews.

Of course, if a buyer's poor review violates amazon's rules, sellers can apply to amazon for removal.For example, for the products of FBA sellers, the products received poor comments due to their storage, packaging, transportation and customer service, for example, the situation that the customer has insulting language in the evaluation, for example, the suspicion that the customer has exaggerated the problem in the evaluation and other related negative feedback can apply to amazon for removal.

If your bad review can't be removed by amazon or the buyer, sellers can also respond directly to the buyer's bad review.That way, other buyers who see negative reviews can see the effort you put into solving the problem.At the same time, sellers have to do a job of properly brushing several reviews to dilute the impact of a single bad review on Listing rankings and sales with more reviews.

Getting a bad review doesn't kill you. When a seller gets a bad review, first check to see if the review violates amazon's rules.If not, actively contact the buyer and try to get the buyer to remove the negative review.At the same time, when a seller receives a negative review, it's important to reflect on the fact that the review can help you identify problems you haven't noticed and improve your service to attract more potential customers.

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