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A Long Description Of Amazon Listing Optimization
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 09, 2018

In the amazon platform, the title, description and so on all have an impact on the ranking, among which the importance ranking that affects the amazon Search ranking is: the title > short description > long description > Search Terms.In the previous article, we systematically introduced the optimization method of Listing title and short description. Today, we will introduce how to write a long description of Listing.

Long Description is also known as Description. In the writing of product Description, amazon sellers should give consideration to two levels of presentation: formal beauty and content beauty.

How to write the description form

Formally, pay attention to appropriate use of paragraphs, blank lines, and bold.A good product description must have clear paragraph breaks.All contents are piled up together, and the accurate and perfect product description also loses the meaning of reading. In this sense, using good paragraph segmentation is the basic embodiment of perfect product description in the level of formal beauty.

Because the layout, font, color and other contents of the Description are all fixed in the amazon front desk display. In order to make the paragraphs appear more clearly, the seller should take the initiative to separate the paragraphs with blank lines. There is an extra blank line between each paragraph, which can instantly make the paragraphs clear.

Since there are different paragraphs, different paragraphs emphasize different contents, and the content naturally has the weight. For the content of the key parts, the seller should be good at using bold to emphasize, and learn to add bold to the important contents, so it is very important for the seller to be clear and visible.

2. How to write the description

1. Do not use superlative form

It's best not to include superlatives in your product description. When you describe a product as "the best," the customer will not trust you and will not buy your home product.To say the least, even if a customer buys your product, it's not what they expected when they got it.Your product may be rejected or even have a bad review.

Don't exaggerate

When writing a product description, it is best to provide the actual basis for the description of the product and its effect.Don't exaggerate, like "No one can resist the good of this product."Customers will not believe such empty and false descriptions.The best way to write a product description is to stick to the facts and emphasize the advantages.When you list your product's advantages, you'll automatically catch the customer's eye.

Learn to use descriptive language

Product description should give priority to with adjectives, like "durable" (durable), and "soft" (soft), "cottony" (cotton) such adjectives can well describe the characteristics of the product.However, meaningless interjections such as "amazing" and "fascinating" are not conducive for customers to understand your product.Some sellers also use exclamation marks heavily in their descriptions, which are equally meaningless.

4. Build scenario descriptions to motivate consumers to buy

In order to give consumers the urge to buy, it is necessary to make the product look attractive. It may be effective to build scenarios in the product description.When it comes to selling summer clothing, sellers can create a scenario where consumers imagine themselves sitting on the beach in a summer costume, which can help encourage consumers to buy your product.

Use a communicative tone

Try using dialogue instead of the traditional text format.Use "you" and "we" more often, and use informal language such as questions or phrases to convey your ideas.

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