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80% Of Amazon's Sales Come From Buy-to-box, Do You Have?
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Everyone who does amazon has heard of buy-to-box, so what is buy-to-box?

Amazon's buy-box, located at the top right of the single item page, is the most convenient place for buyers to see when shopping.As soon as the buyer clicks on the Add to Cart, the page automatically switches to the seller's store that owns the buy-to-box.

Nearly 80 percent of customers at Amazon shopping choose to Buy items from stores that have buy-to-box, that is, they click the Add to Cart button directly, and few customers click other sellers on Amazon to learn more about the seller's products and prices.To put it this way, you have to Buy-Box.What factors affect buy-to-box?

1. Buy-box is closely related to the mode of delivery. Based on amazon's support for its own products, listings, which usually use FBA to deliver goods, have more opportunities to get buy-box.

2. Online transactions are also an important factor. When listing does not have buy-box, as long as it can generate more orders in a short time, it can also have shopping carts.Similarly, if the listing is not available for a long time, the original buy-box will be taken away.

3. If there are many merchants selling the same product, it will be easier for the merchants with lower total price (product price + freight) to get buy-to-box.But that's not to say you can get the Buy Box at the lowest price.The main thing is to look at the synthesis of the listing.

4. Account performance is also important to get buy-box. The better the account performance, the easier it is to get the shopping cart.It includes seller rating, high praise rate, delivery time, clearance rate, order cancellation rate and so on.

5. It turns out that new products are easier to get the Buy Box than used or recycled ones.

6. The last point is the stability of the listing. Many merchants report that they have made extensive and frequent optimization and modification of their products.In fact, amazon will re-evaluate the weight of goods after modifying the listing every time. High frequency optimization of the listing will damage its stability, resulting in a decline in stability, and then lose the Buy Box, thus affecting sales.

So how to be a Buy Box seller?Being a Buy Box seller requires the following elements:

First, sellers need to sign up for a professional amazon seller account.

Secondly, the seller's account performance is good, seller rating, delivery efficiency and other factors are very important.

Again, if it's brand new, there's no secondhand goods or refurbished goods.

Finally, the item must be in sufficient stock, and if the existing seller who meets the requirement has no stock, the Buy Box automatically moves to the second seller.

It is important to note that after the new account is opened, it will take about three months to get the Buy Box.If you open a global store account through the investment manager of amazon, it will take about one month to get the Buy Box.It is not a matter of one day to do amazon. Only better compliance with the rules of amazon platform can ensure a favorable position in the operation.

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