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6 Ways To Improve The Feedback Level Of Amazon's Sellers
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 20, 2018

How can we increase the sales of listing on Amazon platform? In addition to continuously optimizing the listing product information and increasing the internal and external drainage of the station, the most important thing is to improve the user experience and obtain the sincere praise from the user. According to the survey, only 6% of people in the United States never refer to Seller Feedback before shopping. So it is important for every Amazon business to "please customers". So how can Amazon merchants improve Seller Feedback Rating? Here are 6 tips for raising feedback levels.

1. How to get positive feedback

If you want positive feedback, sellers must know how to get positive feedback from sellers. First of all, it must be absolutely true in terms of commodity description and commodity prices. We must not exaggerate the description of commodities. We should display the 100% of commodities in front of buyers. Prices should also be filled in the true price of goods, and there should be no excessive or too low price. Second, timely response to customer consultation. The needs of the customer should be met as much as possible.

2. Respond to problems in time and solve problems quickly

We must respond to customers' consultation or feedback at the first time. We can't ignore customers because of work or rest time. We should patiently answer questions about customer consultation. The most important thing to do is to have a sense of service. Even if there is no prompt reply, then it must be answered immediately, and apologizes for the late return, let the buyer know that you are really careful to solve his problem and care about the buyer.

3, contact the customer actively

In fact, many customers do not choose the first time to communicate with the seller in the case of low commodity experience in shopping, but in the feedback of the seller. So other buyers will be upset when they see the seller's feedback.

To avoid such a situation, sellers need to communicate with buyers before deciding whether they are satisfied with the products. If the buyer is confronted with a problem, the seller needs to communicate with the buyer actively. After the buyer's shopping experience is satisfied, the buyer can ask the buyer to make positive feedback to the goods.

4. Familiar with the Amazon policy

You can't satisfy all customers. Amazon stores will inevitably encounter negative feedback. For the first time when negative feedback is received, be sure to take a quiet look to see if this feedback is in line with Amazon's comments. It is worth noting that Seller feedback should not contain any product content, only the services provided.

If you find that a client has wrongly filled the product review to seller feedback, you need to communicate with Amazon as soon as possible, and request to delete (This is a product review, please remove it.).

If Amazon FBA is selected, then Amazon will be responsible for the transportation and packaging of the product. When the seller is not satisfied with the transportation or packaging of the product, it is necessary to contact Amazon to delete the comments in time.

5. Communicate with customers professionally

When negative feedback is received, contact the buyer for the first time. Communicate with customers in a polite and professional manner, and actively solve buyers' problems. If you get the buyer's understanding, you can ask them to delete negative feedback in a sincere way.

6. Use the Amazon feedback tool

The seller can use the feedback management system to increase the number of product reviews and positive feedback, and to use automated management processes to protect or increase the feedback rating of Amazon sellers.

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