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12 Ways To Make Amazon Sellers' Money
Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Oct 29, 2018

How to increase store sales is always a topic of platitude, but it seems that platitudes are always new. No matter old sellers or new sellers, they are always short of sales and always expect to have better sales.Today we're going to look at some of the most basic sales growth methods available to help sellers improve their sales strategies on amazon and stand out from the competition.

I. analysis of competitors

Amazon's operation is never static. To find balance in dynamic, and to surpass in contrast is the essence of amazon's operation.Therefore, for sellers, to make their sales steadily increase, they must make full analysis of competitive products and be familiar with your competitors.

The analysis of competitors may involve the following aspects:

1. Analysis of competing products Review: real Review can effectively convey the advantages and disadvantages of products and customers' demands.Through the Review content, customers' concerns, needs and pain points can be found, which is also the important information that sellers can make use of in optimizing the Listing.

2. Analyze the price of competing products: timely understand the pricing strategy of competitors, and guarantee the share of "Buy Box" while avoiding price war.

3. Analyze competing product titles: sellers can check which keywords are used by competitors and effectively summarize them to help improve the relevance and ranking of their listings.

Set competitive prices

If sellers want their products to be competitively priced, they must be cost-conscious, choose the right source of goods, the right logistics method and the right cost structure to make your products invincible in the competition.In the price setting, the seller must be able to compare horizontally, compare with competitors, and have an advantage over competitors.

Use amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is an amazon logistics service designed to help sellers deliver efficiently.All sellers need to do is send inventory to amazon's warehouse, and when someone orders your product, amazon will fulfill the order and send it to the buyer.The advantage of FBA is that it can improve Listing ranking, help sellers become featured sellers and grab shopping carts, improve customers' trust and increase sales.

Win the Buy Box

Those who own the Box are far more likely to sell than others.For sellers, how to get the Buy Box gold shopping cart to increase store sales is crucial.Amazon selects sellers who qualify for a shopping cart from sellers who sell the same product.Selection criteria include price, order, mode of transportation, etc., to evaluate the seller's overall performance.

Amazon page optimization

The better the Listing is optimized, the more reviews, the higher the conversion rate, and the larger the seller's sales.Figure shopping are the typical characteristics of online sales, for sellers to choose the better products, to sales of products, must be optimized, from photos, title, or keyword, short description, and a long description, whether in content or in form, must be hard, only good Listing details page, can attract the consumers, and then into order, promote the store sales growth.

CPC advertising in the station

Amazon in-store advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote products and increase sales.Using amazon paid ads can also generate reports that give sellers insight into what buyers are searching for, which can help sellers add more keywords to merchant information that generate natural traffic.

Out-station drainage

While amazon is not allowed to promote other sites on its site, you can advertise products on amazon on other sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.You can also use the redskins (or big vs) to get them to post ads for your product on their pages.The better the redskins are capable, the better your sales will be.

Discounts, promotions and giveaways

Offering discounts, promotions and giveaways can not only draw attention from consumers, but also be an effective way to build lasting relationships with buyers.Can bring you more traffic, sales and reviews.

Nine, inventory

Inventory is also one of the factors influencing the ranking of products, and the ranking is directly related to the exposure rate. Keeping a high inventory will facilitate the ranking optimization of products on the shelves.

Encourage and guide customers to leave comments

The importance of product praise is self-evident, try to keep in touch with buyers and ensure product quality.If the buyer is not satisfied with the product, then there should be professional and perfect after-sales service process.

Xi. Professional customer service

Many sellers on amazon sell the same products, and customer service is crucial to stand out. A good customer service often improves conversion rate and gets more favorable comments.

Understand the rules and policies

Finally, it's important to follow amazon's rules and policies for release.Because once you violate, amazon can close your account directly.

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