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U.S. Marine operation: Details

Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Aug 11, 2017

1. Confirmation of specific transport destinations*

In U.S. trade, many guests have different warehouses throughout the country, and it is important to finally confirm their FINAL DESTINATION during transportation. In particular, there are so many places in the United States, such as Washington. And if a guest is not given a week name and zip code, it is very likely that the goods will be sent wrong. The cost of trailers is more than 1,000RMB, and it is crucial to identify the responsibility of the guests.

2. Major customers of the United States are required to cooperate with suppliers to provide logistics services

A. Customers often have partitions to be installed. For some of the goods sold to foreign supermarkets, the special attention should be paid. (for example, the order, quantity and the documents attached to the container)

B. Deliver on time as requested by the customer. To keep track of the container as much as possible, many foreign guests will ask for the goods to arrive in SHIPPNG PERIOD before the specific time. The delay in the factory may result in large fines abroad. Logistics cargo tracking is also critical.

C. document accurately and timely provide abroad for clearance, in general, the foreign customs clearance can be 7 days before the ship in order to avoid possible DETENSION and DEMURRAGE, most of the time delay causes DEMURRAGE abroad has often because documents.

3. Late delivery charges for port

The cost of the cabinet: the company will charge a lot of free time for the large customers.

Demurage: the dock of the shipping company shall be charged, because the terminals are different.

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