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Save American FBA header shipping technique

Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

Today, cross-border traders are paying more attention to the cost of export freight. Plan to ship FCL? The number of products may not be satisfied; Consider the air ? High logistics costs also deter foreign traders. As a result, the shipping container is popular with foreign trade companies. But the cost of shipping containers is getting higher, and the cost of the container is found to be the most cost-effective.

So, how do you save shipping costs from the FBA? How do you save the FBA header?

The shipping price of the FBA head is relatively transparent in the shipping market, which all industry insiders know. But why are prices so transparent, and should they be chosen for the right companies? In real life, there are many sellers of goods are less than a ark, need FBA head LCL by sea to the United States, LCL cargo transportation program is much more complicated than the FCL, freight relative mobility is larger. Even if there is an open market price for the box, the additional fees for each shipping company vary greatly. So the price is slightly different.

A lot of foreign trade business people will consult a whole price at the beginning, do not give perfect product information, think relative transparent market environment, just fight price war. Maybe foreign trade dealer mistrust of forwarding company, is not willing to inform the goods information, actually is the right thing to the seller of the goods weight and size calculation is clear, regular forwarder company will be written clear all the fees according to actual condition, the FBA do fine .Some carriers, although the U.S. FBA header offers lower prices, often raise prices by exaggerating weights or sizes. Regular shippers will charge a surcharge on the actual condition of the goods and will not raise the price. Therefore, if you want to do FBA, you must improve your product information and inform the professional forwarders.

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