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How to deal with the amazon FBA inventory storage?

Kinghood International Logistics Inc | Updated: Jun 27, 2017

In order to better manage the warehouse space in the logistics center, amazon may set up a inventory limit for some FBA sellers.

Typically, inventory storage limits apply to new FBA sellers and slow existing FBA sellers. Amazon may also set storage limits for specific ASIN. If the specific ASIN limit applies to your seller's account, you can find detailed information under the asin-limit in the Inventory Health report. Tip: the online inventory health report does not provide this information and you need to download this report.

What are the warehousing restrictions? That's the amount of inventory that can be stored in the amazon logistics center. Amazon automatically evaluates storage limits each month to determine if your storage restrictions should be adjusted. In your current KuCunShui at ordinary times, amazon will consider the following factors, including your logistics center in the amazon inventory, delivery to warehouse inventory, any inventory processed to remove the request.

Note: once the amazon logistics center receives your shipment, your inventory level can take up to 24 hours to update.

Green, yellow and red stripes index will also remind you that you are from your highest inventory limit how much distance: green: 75% of your inventory levels below the limits, yellow: your inventory levels in the limit of between 75% and 75%, red: your inventory levels in the limit of more than 90%

What about beyond the inventory limit? When you reach inventory limits, you will be notified in the seller's account and in the email address. You will not be able to ship the FBA warehouse again until your inventory level is below your limit. For a particular restricted ASIN, you will not be able to increase the ASIN's FBA inventory unless the ASIN inventory is below the limit. If you send in excess of the amount allowed by the FBA storage limit, additional inventory may be rejected by the logistics center.

Here are three ways to reduce your FBA inventory:

• sell some of your current inventory

• ask FBA to return some of your inventory to you by creating inventory removal requests (removal order)

• request FBA to dispose of some of the inventory by creating inventory removal requests

Important tip: customers' return can also affect your overall inventory.

How do you request a higher storage limit? Amazon visits storage limits every month. If you have been able to sell 8% or more of your inventory over the past nine weeks, you are eligible for a lift.

To sum up, amazon's demand is becoming more and more stringent, leaving many sellers with a headache. In fact, if the product itself is confident, you can choose overseas warehouse, so that both can handle amazon strange sharp questions, and can meet the supply of other platforms, enjoy from the warehouse to process orders and delivery services.

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